Monday, January 18, 2016

~A~ Class of 2016 TMB Senior {Southern Minnesota Senior Photographer}

This young lady was given such a wonderful opportunity. A wonderful local family have adopted her for the year to give her a chance to learn English in hopes of a bright future. They are truly wonderful people. 
A is so full of life. She smiled 85% of the time I was with her. Especially around Sas the horse. I am a horse lover and this session spoke to my heart. 

So happy!

They happened to be burning that day...we could not have gotten any luckier...

I mean, for real?!

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a (wo)man." 

She is going places this one. I will tell you that right now. 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

~S~ Ellsworth Class of 2016 Senior {Southern Minnesota Senior Photographer}

S was another senior that I got to spend some extra time with. I tell you, having the senior seasons package is just awesome. Being able to capture in two seasons, and sometimes three, is so fun and gives the senior more options to choose from. 

S and I met up at Lake Shetek for her summer session in June. I found out she had come from the Iowa border! I was so pleased she chose me to capture her senior year. We had to battle mosquitoes for her summer session, but we had fun too!

Oh the light!

For the fall session we met up at Garvin Park. I love this location and it's many possibilities!

Again, the light!! 

She is so photogenic, not a bad shot in the bunch!

Thank you S for letting me capture these moments for you! You are off to great things, I am sure!! 

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~New Baby S~ {Southern Minnesota Newborn Photographer}

I usually don't shoot a whole lot of newborns, but this year I had quite a few! I love snuggling little bundles, then handing them back to their moms and dads ;-) 

This little family came to see me in October. Baby S was so good, big sister, on the other hand, she had other plans :-) It's all good, we got some adorable photos and made it work! 

Thank you guys for allowing me to capture S's first few days! He is so precious and so is your little princess! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

~A&B~ She said YES!! {Southern Minnesota wedding and engagement Photographer}

I wrapped up September by trekking out to St. Peter to capture A & B's engagement photos- on a horse farm. Oh it was perfect for me! I felt right at home with these two and I am looking forward to their May wedding right there on the farm!

They apparently met while she was working at a farm store...too cute!

This. Right here, I just love. 

Her dog is very attached to her, we had to have him in at least one photo!

Too cute!

Then we got their horses, oh so much fun!! 


Oh thank you for choosing me as your photographer A & B!!! I can't wait for your spring wedding!! 

~J~ Family an evening enjoying the farm... {Southern Minnesota Family Photographer}

M is a fellow Beachbody coach with me, and I adore her. She is fun and light-hearted and her family was a blast to work with. 
We had perfect fall weather for their session in September. And did I mention the light? Oh, yeah it was perfect! 

This barn is 100 years old and we had to incorporate it somehow with this farm being in M's family for so long. 

And sometimes, you have to be a mom during photo shoots. (This is my favorite)

Beautiful family!

So precious. 

He's something else, reminds me so much of my little man!

Sharing a laugh. 

You don't want to know what we had to do to get those smiles!

I love. 

She's so cute! 

Thank you J family!! I had a lot of fun adventuring around your farm! I hope to work with you again in 2016! 

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