Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little ~A~

I shot my first newborn session on Sunday and had so much fun! She is so precious and you can just see the love her family has for her. Her big brother was a wonderful help and loves to get his photo taken. Little ~A~ was a little fussy, but we had ways to work around it. I am so pleased how the photos turned out.

I am now giving away two newborn sessions to add to my portfolio~ I only have one more left! If you book the newborn session and want maternity photos as well, you receive 50% off the maternity session~that's a GREAT deal!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another tidbit about me :-)

On this blustery day I decided to blog a little bit about another passion I have in life~


I have always loved books, ever since I was young. When I was in elementary school I would write stories and my teacher would have me read them out loud to the class~ embarrassing! I have never finished a story, but have all of my "starts" and someday I will write a novel...that's a dream.

I don't think I will ever purchase a kindle or other electronic reader. I LOVE getting books from the library, and having them smell all musty and used...there's nothing like it. On the other hand, I love buying books and reading them so often that the binding starts to fall apart. I have read "Summer Sisters" at the start of every Summer since 2001...yeah I'm serious. I know what happens, but every time something new pops out at me, even 10 years later.

I have read the Harry Potter series at least 3 times each book. I like to read the book before each movie comes out to refresh my memory...speaking of which can't WAIT for the second half of the Deathly Hallows!! Twilight is another series I read before each movie, and have read each book twice since I got the boxed set 2 years ago. I love it.

My husband thinks I'm crazy to read books over and over, but there's just something about them that draws me back. Finding something new, or remembering a part I had forgotten and getting that excited feeling all over again!

The books I have read so far this year...minus The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo it was a library book

I am now reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series. I'm on book two "The Girl who played with Fire" and will probably finish it by the end of the weekend. I may have to buy this series as well....they are captivating! I would be reading it now if I hadn't forgotten to get it out of my room before my Son went down for his nap!

The books I read over and over....<3
I hope I pass my love of books on to my Son. They are magical to me and transport me to a different place, and I can't get enough. Both of my parents are readers and I am grateful that they encouraged me to be an avid reader. I love that my father-in-law is a huge reader and passes books on to me.

Life wouldn't be the same without imagination and words....

What are your favorite books? I am also looking for the next book to read!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

*~April Special~*

I think it's close enough to April to announce my special!

Book *ANY Session in the month of April and receive~

An 11x14 Collage of four photos from your session~ FREE!!

Text Customizable and Optional

AND I am also waving my travel fee!! This is a GREAT way to save!

I have limited weekend spots available for April, so contact me today to get your session in!

*Excluding the Spring Minis*

Stay tuned I am thinking about having a "April Fools for Savings Day" special on my letter signs!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Loving my new "baby"

I recently took the plunge and bought some new camera gear. After a LONG debate, I bought a Canon 7D. I replaced all my old lenses and got new Canon ones. This was a hard process for me, since I learned so much on my Rebel Xsi, but I knew the switch was needed. The 7D does so much, and I am able to go further with my photos then I could with my Rebel.

Thank goodness I had learned how to shoot in manual mode on my Rebel, the transition was so much easier.

Mega Moon 3-19-11

my favorite model <3
I am looking forward to my first session!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~L~ Expecting

Yeah! I can finally share some photos from the maternity session I had a few weeks ago. ~L~ was so much fun to work with! Her husband was a very big help as well! I offered him the job of my assistant ;-) They had ideas of their own and were open to the ideas I had as well. I loved being able to capture this special moment for them. Their youngest Son was so adorable and is so excited to be a big brother!
Can't wait to meet their little princess and take her photos!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting to know ME...

I started this blog to help promote my business and for my clients to get to know their photographer. I wanted to share with you my other passions in life. My Son first and foremost, which I have shared a lot about him on this blog as well as my website, he is my favorite model. :-)

My other major passion in life is horses. I have loved them since I was a little girl. My father is a cowboy at heart and my Mom is afraid of them...go figure, hehe. I started riding lessons at a young age, and my passion for this animal grew.

I have owned four horses in my lifetime. The first being an Arabian mare~ never again! I don't get a long well with mares and especially not Arabians (no offense to those who love them). My next two were very special to me and I cried when I had to sell them. Both grade geldings with big hearts, but college was draining the bank account.

I went years without riding regularly. I rode friends horses, and worked at farms, so the passion was still there. Then I met my "husband". He is also a horse lover, and we view things similarly.

My latest love, Hank, is technically Matt's horse. At least, he is registered under his name. However, we both know that Hank is only loyal to me. Hank is special, and very sensitive to who rides him. He has had a lazy couple of years due to me having my Son, but this summer...oh we will WORK! hehe.

We had our first ride of the year today. I was expecting nervousness, barn storming, etc. He was an angel! He whinnied once, tried to go back to the barn once (and he barely tried, just tested) other then that, low relaxed head, nice relaxed trot and not a question as to where I asked him to go. I am so please with my fat horse! Yes, he is a tad overweight, but who isn't in the winter?? ;-)

AQHA~ Red Sonny Hank

My passion for photography definitely overflows to my passion for horses. As you can plainly see in my portfolio. I love these animals and I believe that there isn't a photo of a horse that isn't beautiful. Their eyes intrigue me because I long to hear what they are thinking.

I would like to believe that Hank has a love for me as I do him. He has carried me through thunder storms that would scare the average horse, he has carried me while pregnant and seemed to think about each step before taking it, almost making sure I was safe. He has carried both my Son and I on beautiful days and listened to Shaw and I sing together. He is a remarkable horse, and I will cry IF we ever sell him.

So there you are, some of "me". Some of you understand my passion and share it with me. Comment below and tell me your "horse love" story!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

18 months, really????

My Son recently turned 18 months old...yesterday to be exact...I still remember when I had him...he was so tiny.

Digital papers by Sassy Designs, Ltd
 Today he runs, throws tantrums, and fake cries (oh yes he is quite the actor!), he also cuddles, gives many hugs and kisses, and loves his Momma. What else could I ask for?