Monday, March 18, 2013

~D&J~ Say I Do! {Nebraska Wedding Photographer}

I was so pleased to be able to help this wonderful couple and capture their blessed day. through a snow storm and all they were nothing but smiles! You can just see the love between these two when they were around each other and how blessed they are to have found one another. It was a true honor to witness such a wonderful day. 
Am loving this photo the more I look at it! I love teasing the groom while he waits patiently to see his bride!
Oh how I love first looks!

 They were so happy!
 Stunning bride


 I love getting goofy with the bridal party!
Precious moment

The groom wrote and sang a song for the bride. I was tearing up!!

 Delicious cake by Michelle Sage of Sparks, NE

Again, this couple is so blessed. With love for each other and the amount of love surrounding them. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

How they chose their colors~
Jason and I both like blue--his favorite. The lime green I decided to use because it was springy and went well with the blue. After I got to planning more, the only thing that ended up being blue were the bridesmaid dresses.
I bought my dress in Loomis, NE. It is very small town southwest of Kearney. My aunt had gotten her wedding dress there a few years before, as well as a cousin. One weekend, my mom and I met in Kearney and stayed with my aunt. We went to one shop in town and then out to Loomis. It was the 2nd dress I tried on a that store.

Quote from the bride~ "Literally up through the day of rehearsal, it seemed that everything that could have gone wrong, did. The wedding day turned out to be wonderful. It was a peaceful day and in the end, we got married!"