Thursday, January 29, 2015

Always wanting to learn...

I love photography, I love meeting new people, I love capturing moments for others to cherish for the rest of their lives. However, this isn't an easy profession to be in. I have learned from my mistakes through the last six years and like the saying goes, "if I knew then what I know now" things would be different.

But I didn't know, and I that's OK, so far, I am still here. The reason I think I am still going after all the mistakes I have made, is because I WANT to get better. I want to learn how I can service my clients better and make my art the best it can be. I am the first to admit I don't know it all. I learn constantly and enjoy that about photography. It grows, and as photographers we need to grow with it. 

For three years I have been a member of Professional Photographers of America, and am able to contact colleagues when I am in a pinch, or just need some inspiration, along with many other benefits to enhance my business. This is the best investment I ever made in my business.  

With this said, I am so excited to announce I am headed to Imaging USA this weekend to learn from the best photographers around the world. This convention is three days long and covers things from wedding photography, seniors, marketing strategies, business and more! 


Get ready, when I get back things are going to be BETTER! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

~Baby R~ {Southern Minnesota Children's Photographer}

I don't shoot a lot of newborns, not that I don't want to! This gives me the opportunity to snuggle a little one and then send them home :-) No, really newborn photos are HARD. I mean, they take a lot of patience and time. I give props to those who shoot newborns on a regular basis. 
My newborn photos are a bit different. I like to capture the baby in a natural state. Not a lot of props and fancy things. It is about how they are now because they grow SO fast! Getting shots of the family with baby I think is important as well. This is an addition to a family. 
With that said, I had so much FUN with baby R and her family. She definitely did not want to sleep! Taking newborn photos within the first 10 days of life is ideal because they are super sleepy around that time. Baby R was 12 days old. You wouldn't think that two days would make much of a difference, but it does. Baby R was listening to my shutter and always was looking for the source of the sound, it was too cute! Parents (and brother!) were super patient, and it paid off! We got her to sleep! 
I had my thermostat cranked and a space heater in my living room so it was nice and toasty in my house. We were all sweating, but baby R was quite comfy! 

This is the look that she gave me most of our time together, too cute!

 While we waited for her to sleep we did lots of snuggle shots with mom and family. 

Finally asleep!!

 I LOVE detail shots. The little flakes of skin, sweet little toes...oh so sweet

Got a shot of big brother love. So cute!

 Sweet little bear hat from Boondocks Baby

This red blanket really popped and I love how it looks. Wrinkles and all!

Right at the end we finally got a naked sleepy baby. Enough time for one good shot ;-) Oh sweetness!

Thank you to the N family for bringing baby R to see me!! I hope to watch her grow through my lens, she is beautiful! 

I am ready for more newborns! Are you expecting? Please contact me to set up your newborn session BEFORE you give birth. If you book you maternity session AND newborn receive 10% off your newborn session! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

~A&D She said YES!~ {Southern Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

I cannot believe I forgot to blog this beautiful session!! We rescheduled due to weather and again, God blessed us with a beautiful evening!! I love when couples have horses and mules they want to incorporate in their sessions. I love animals and am comfortable working with them so please, if you have pets, bring them!! 

Again, I am in LOVE with this session and can't wait for their wedding in May!!

One of the first shots, love it!

They are too cute

The light!!

We were running around trying to beat the light and it worked!

We have to take photos in the corn if it's available!

Love it!

Ah! Beautiful!!

All my wedding packages come with engagement photos! This is a great time to get to know each other and you get to see my shooting style! 

I am not booking 2015 AND 2016 weddings!! Limited availability! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Class of 2016~ Now is YOUR time! {Southern Minnesota Senior Photographer}

I know we just started 2015, but it is NEVER too early to think about senior photos! I am currently looking for class of 2016 senior models. I need students from the following schools:

Marshall (2)
Westbrook/Walnut Grove
Red Rock Central

I am changing my senior model program slightly this time. First of all you will be known as MODELS, because that is what you are!

I am also adding some fun things that only my models are able to receive:

~Pre-Prom photo shoot~ This is a great time to get referrals. I will meet with you and your friends at the location of your choice and get photos of each couple and group photos as well. This way parents and students can get to know me which makes getting referrals that much easier.
*Prints will not be included but can be purchased*

~Each of my models will receive a t-shirt that can will show you are a model for KOP. This is a great conversation starter and another good way to get referrals. Plus a bag of goodies!

~A group photo shoot with ALL of my 2016 Models. This will be an event exclusive to YOU! Group photos and individual photos for rep cards and advertisement. Plus, we will all get together for a meal to go over any ideas you have about the program and a good time to bounce around ideas on how to get referrals.

Some things being added for ALL of my seniors is "seasons" sessions. This is a new package that will be available to split your session into two. One in the Summer and one in the fall.
*Models can also split their session please inquire for details*

Each of my seniors will get an exclusive goodie bag with all sorts of fun stuff!!

Think you might be interested in becoming a model for KOP? Fill out the Senior Model Application and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours!

Let's have some FUN!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 ~Year in Review~ {Southern Minnesota Family & Wedding Photographer}

I am at a loss for words. I never, NEVER expected 2014 to be what it was. I am so grateful for each and every one of you who allowed me to capture moments for you last year. I don't even know where to start to describe the year I had! 
My year started out in Lamberton and I wasn't too terribly busy, but getting my name out there slowly. I was THRILLED to learn that we were moving to Tracy in May. We bought a little house and were ready to settle down. I was determined to let people know I was in the area. Facebook was a big help for me in the beginning and it continues to help me get word out. 
The busy season for me started with calls in July for August sessions. Boudoir, family and seniors! It was like over night everyone knew I was here! I was busy every week for three months straight and it was GREAT! In my entire career I have never been that busy and at first I didn't know what to do with myself. I am very proud of the way I can deliver galleries to clients so quickly, and my normal turnaround time was gone. I am still very quick and I am pretty good about keeping it below two weeks. 
With the addition of a part time job at the newspaper starting in September my time just slipped away from me. I will be honest, I felt very overwhelmed in September trying to keep up with my business and my articles. However, I have found my healthy balance now. 
I am seriously so grateful for each and every one of you. The love and support I have felt since moving to Tracy is huge and I don't even know how to express my gratitude. Seriously, you are all AMAZING!! 
So, without further ado, let's look back at 2014. These images are not in any particular order. 

Senior class of 2015
I am so happy for all of my seniors! I LOVE taking senior photos and these young men and women made my job SO easy!! 
I am currently looking for 2016 Models!! Visit the "Senior Model" tab to fill out the application!

Stunning ~A~ TMB

Oh the light!! ~I~ TMB

Had so much fun with this young lady as my rep for Slayton! Savannah Slayton

I love silhouettes! ~A~ TMB

Miss Tracy 2014! Love her! ~A~ TMB

This young lady has a special place in my heart! Love you Riss! Marissa TMB rep 

This young lady came all the way from Sleepy Eye to see me, love this shot! ~C~ Sleepy Eye

Love the hunting shots! ~H~ RRC 

I got to visit the Butterfield Threshing Show for this shoot, AWESOME! ~M~ Lakefield

I was honored to be asked by fellow photographers to capture family photos, and it was seriously one of the most nerve racking thing! I had a blast, though, and I hope to do it again!!

Could this family be any more beautiful?! Love them! Rebecca is so talented, check out her work at Rock Hill Studio

This family is so cute! I loved working with them! Check out Heidi's work at Heidi Swanson Photography

This family made my job easy, Heather knew what she wanted and just did it. Love that! Check out her work at Red Barn Photography

I have had the pleasure to capture so many families and children in 2014. Some were last minute with visiting family members, some were scheduled weeks in advance, either way I had a blast with each and every one of you!! 

~F&K~ Family fall 

~S~ Family fall 

~J~ Family summer

~L~ Family summer

~F~ Family fall 

~K~ Family summer 

~K~ Family fall 

~M~ 6 months winter

~D~ Family Michigan summer

~B~ One year summer 

~E~ Family fall 

One of my favorite shoots (ok, I have a lot of favorites) but this little man was so tough with the chilly fall weather and we got some super fun shots for his momma! 
Super hero ~T~ fall 

This shoot was out of my norm, but I LOVE these shots!! ~M~ Generation shoot summer 
I did my first model call and this young lady ROCKED it!! Hope to work with you again! 

~B~ Wedding June
I had the pleasure of traveling back to Nebraska to capture a beautiful wedding and an engagement of some friends~ had a BLAST~

~J&L~ Engagement NE summer

~A~ Wedding June 

~B~ Wedding October

Last wedding of the year! ~G~ Wedding December 

I have learned SO much about myself and my business in the last year. I also have made some amazing relationships and I hope to continue to capture moments for all of you and more!! 

Here is a little Happy New Year Special~ Every one who comments on this post and let me know their favorite photo from this post AND their favorite moment from 2014 gets put into a drawing for a discounted session! The photo with the most comments gets a special surprise too! 

Can't wait to meet some more new people and hopefully see some returning faces in 2015!!!