Sunday, July 31, 2011

~A~ Senior 2012

I am so excited to have more Senior shoots this year! I love bringing out the personalities of these young people and seeing such bright futures ahead of them.

My first this year was ~A~ she is one of my trusty wedding assistants and is such a wonderful young lady. She had all sorts of ideas, and so did her Mother. I love it when the clients come with their ideas in hand, I want to make their shoot their own. We got my horse out for her to show her cowgirl side, she wanted to get into the irrigation ditch, which I thought was awesome!

 This is only a portion of her session. She wants to get some more while things are green, then get some when the colors change in the Fall. I love offering this option, as I want Seniors to get the most out of their photos.
Know someone graduating in 2012? Send them my way! Not only will they receive 20% off their session fee AND 25% their print order (if session booked in August or September) but you will get referral bucks!!

Wedding 7-16-11

 Can I just say I love shooting weddings! The atmosphere, the love, the drama, everything about them makes me giddy. To tell you the truth, I stress pretty much the whole week before hand. Even small, intimate weddings. I just know one day I am going to forget something and need it, even though I pack almost my entire inventory of bodies, lenses, stools, checklists, water, etc. It is in my nature to be over prepared! Which isn't a bad thing.

Recently I shot a very small intimate wedding in a meadow by a creek. It was such a dreamy place, that I fell in love with it immediately. (Ok, this happens a lot, lol) There were lots of ant hills in the ceremony area, so that was a bit of a challenge, or workout depending on how you look at it :-)

Q&A finally tied the knot. Like I mentioned before it was in an open meadow surrounded by aspen  trees and a following creek. Their friends and family watched with teary eyes, and big smiles. These two are so cute together, and it was a true pleasure working with them.

Location~  Gould, CO
Venue~ Gould Community Center
Dress~ Handmade by bride's Grandmother

I look forward to working with them again in the future!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

~S~ Expecting!

I met with ~S~ and her husband last Sunday for her maternity shoot. It was a HOT and actually humid day in City Park, but we made the best of it! I love taking maternity photos, Mothers glow and ~S~ was no exception!


he park was pretty crowded but we ended up finding this great open area with nothing in the background. The ground was a little damp, but cool, so there were no complaints about having to sit (or lay) down.

I always tell my maternity clients "it's all about the belly!"

You know I couldn't go to City Park and NOT use "the" bench! We were lucky enough that no one was sitting on it. I could find a way to use this bench for any type of session!

~S~ was adorable and quite agile for being 34 weeks along. She was game for pretty much anything I asked her to do. They were a very fun couple to be around. I can't wait to meet their little boy next month!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommy & Me

I had the pleasure of taking photos of my sister-in-law and her daughter. We had a GREAT location at her Aunt's home. She has the most beautifully landscaped yard I have ever seen. I wish I had a yard like this, it would be my studio! There were so many locations, we just walked the whole time. Benches, waterfall, hammock, you name it we had it to use!
I just love the feeling of this photo...
Little Diva
I loved this waterfall and loved this shot!!

Little ~C~ was so good for the camera. I think the atmosphere helped her relax, there were so many things to look at!! I hope to capture many more moments for these two. I love them dearly.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Journey...

January 2010 198 lbs.

Inspired by a fellow photographer, I decided to share my weight loss journey with all of you. No matter what your size or age most women struggle with weight. I am no different.

Now, I am 5'8" tall so whenever I was at my biggest I still didn't see myself as "big" due to the fact that my weight was proportioned properly...well that's what I told myself.

I didn't really start to notice a huge gain until three years ago. My weight kept going up, closer and closer to 200 was not good. Then...I got pregnant.

I had the mentality that "I'm pregnant I can eat what I want, I'm eating for two!" and I did. This was not a good concept to have. My doctors repeatedly told me to exercise more and watch what I was eating. I ignored them.

The day I went into the hospital to give birth to my Son, I was 227 lbs. Granted immediately after having him I was down to 210 lbs. That was still entirely too big. I knew I had to do something, but I have TERRIBLE will power when it comes to food.

I kept eating like I had before (when I was pregnant) and got a Wii Fit. My OBGYN had told me that another patient of hers lost 30lbs using one. I was game! I used it every morning before my Son woke up for months and I lost 12 lbs by the beginning of 2010. Then my loss stopped. I knew I had to do something about my diet.

I have tried many diets throughout my life. South Beach Diet (my sister lost a lot of weight using that one), Atkins (I love meat, sounded like a good plan) and trying to just eat salads. None of them worked for me. I then researched  Weight Watchers.

Portion control, filling foods, and healthy grains. Slowly losing weight to keep it off. I do the online program where I log all the foods I am eating on my own points tracker. At first it was hard. I would lose a couple pounds and gain one. I stuck with it, and within the first six months I lost 20 lbs!

I started to feel good about myself and was able to get back into the jeans I hadn't been able to wear in a couple years! Weight kept coming off slowly but surely and I was still eating what I was feeding my family. The difference was how much I was eating. In the past I would eat two soft tacos on taco night, now it's a small one. Fresh fruit, veggies, low sugar cereals and low fat milk. Egg whites instead of a whole egg. It sounds so easy, and it is!!!

January 2011 160 lbs

Now we are 18 months into my journey, and I am the smallest I have been in five years! Since walking out of the hospital on my Son's birthday, I have lost 55 lbs. Since starting Weight Watchers, I have lost 43 pounds.

Of course it isn't JUST the diet that contributes to my weight loss. I jog when I can, take walks twice a day with my Son when I can, ride horses, anything to keep me active.

I know people look for a "quick" fix and to drop weight fast. For me, that wasn't the answer. I am able to eat whatever I want now, ice cream, pizza, beer, and keep my weight the same. I would like to lose five more pounds, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't. I feel fantastic about myself right now, and wouldn't want to change a thing.

I am now a size 9, and can run around the yard with my Son and not feel winded. I can ride three horses in one afternoon and my legs don't feel like they want to fall off. Life is good!

I now know when and if we decide to have another child, to moderate what I eat. I want to give him/her the nourishment they need, but keep myself healthy as well. We shall see when we cross that bridge.

I didn't write this to endorse WW, or to say that large women aren't beautiful. It's about how you FEEL inside FIRST. I didn't like myself when I was big, I couldn't get on my horse without assistance! I just wanted to feel good about ME. To hell with what anyone else thought, this is MY journey and it is a good one!