Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 52 (week 1&2) {Nebraska Portrait Photographer}

I am participating in a new challenge this year! Yeah! This time it will be every week. I have gotten the list from Sweet Emotions Photography and there is quite a few of us participating. I know I am late on week one, and I will get better, or I will try at least!

Week 1 was "Composition- Learn it and learn to break it"
Generally my subjects go by the "rule of thirds" where the attention is drawn toward either side, top or bottom. I thought this photo of my Monster was perfect. I just LOVE his feet. Growing up I had a bit of a phobia of feet, but I could stare at his all day long. He is very expressive with his feet as well. Watching him watch TV or play a game, his toes are moving constantly. Melts my heart. Oh how I love him. 

Week two is "Blue- emotion or color? What does it mean to you?"
I chose Gordon. My Monster got a train table for Christmas from his grandparents. He could live in the toy room at this point. My husband and I take turns playing train with Monster and he just loves it! So, Gordon is by Blue.
Next week is "Patterns", hmmm I need to get creative! Please visit Sweet Emotions Photography and check out her weekly photos as well as the list of participating photographers. We love to hear from our followers! Maybe you can throw an idea out to me! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

~S&J~ She said YES! {Nebraska Wedding & Engagement Photography}

When S &J requested a coffee shop for their engagement shoot, I thought, "warm, coffee, warm, YES!" It happens to be where S works and one of the best businesses in Valentine, NE. Speaking of Valentine, what better place to capture love? There are hearts EVERYWHERE in this town, and I "love" it!
We HAD to get the shots of the hearts on the sidewalks...perfect!
Ring shot and date shot on a coffee cup? Yes please!
This was a sweet request from the bride, adorable.
<3 p="p">
The counters were a photographer's dream!
Practicing their dip kiss for the wedding, many giggles were heard.
Who would have thought coffee house light would work so well? ;-)
It's those natural moments I just love capturing!
Have to show some love to the iron gate!
Thank you Auntie D's for your wonderful hospitality and delicious coffee!!
This couple is so cute. I just adored watching them discuss shots and ideas. I am so looking forward to their June wedding!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

~C&B~ Cowboys! {Nebraska Child Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing these two little cowboys on the last day of the year! I usually don't shoot indoors, outdoors is my favorite, but as we know, it's Winter :-) We met up at their Grandparent's store and they had an amazing wall covered in brands. It was a perfect backdrop for these cuties!
What a sweet face!
They even had some straw bales, I never pass up some straw bales!!
These boys were so sweet and I had so much fun! Hoping to work with them again in the future!!

Up Before Dawn...{Nebraska Wedding & Engagement Photograper}

Getting up before dawn is not my favorite thing to do, just ask my husband. However, when you want that light you gotta do what you gotta do!
S&S wanted that light and came with ideas, which I love! We had to take multiple breaks as it was
-6* windchill~ BRRR. It was totally worth it!
So loving!
Love getting the giggles!
I don't think they minded the blanket.
This was all their idea, so cute!
Would it be complete without the dogs? Let me tell you, I have never seen better behaved dogs before, they were so good.
S has a great smile!
Hunters?! Too good to be true!!
 I was in no danger, I promise you!

Ah...that light!

They are too cute!
<3 p="p">
Like I said it was worth the getting up early and braving the elements. Hopefully their June 1 wedding will be much warmer! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Now Hiring...{Nebraska Wedding Photographer}

Are you interested in Photography? Love taking photos and would like to learn more? Thinking of taking up wedding photography? Can you stay on your feet for six hours at a time? I have the perfect position for you!

Weddings can be unpredictable. Weather can change in an instant, time lines can change, and people can be late. I love the chaos of weddings! Due to these circumstances, when I shoot weddings I like to have someone there with me. Someone to carry the extra equipment, someone to make sure I am getting shots the bride has requested, to make sure I am staying on track. I depend on this person for the entire wedding. I expect them to be my second set of eyes (noticing a stray hair while I arrange poses), my second set of arms (handing me the next lens), and my second pair of legs (to run in and fix a wardrobe malfunction).

I am currently looking for a wedding assistant. This isn't a second shooter position, though you will be able to try your hand at taking "behind the scenes" photos. I am looking for someone with dependability, punctuality, someone who can take direction easily and will be paying attention to everything going on. This is a paying position and your meals will be taken care of the day of the wedding.

I like to have at least five people on my roster in case someone is unavailable on a certain date. If you love it the first time around and prove to me that you can handle whatever is thrown at you, you will be placed at the top of the roster and the first to be contacted for the next wedding. Which means, more money!

If this is something you may be interested in, please email me your  name, phone number and location at

Along with any questions you may have about the position. I can send you contacts of my previous assistants if you want to hear what it is like to be my "right hand person". I will return your email and set up phone interviews.

I look forward to meeting some new people and sharing my experiences with you!