Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Q&A in May :-)

Q & A wanted to do the second half of their engagement shoot without snow, so we opted to wait until May to get some Spring shots.
Now, granted technically it's doesn't feel like it here in the Mountains! The day we were originally suppose to have the shoot it rain/snowed all day. The next day...beautiful...but windy. Eh, we're used to that here!

We again, had so much fun. Trying to "hop" the big mud spots in the pasture, climbing equipment, and generally just goofing off! A was up for anything I threw at her...even climbing the giant barrel! Needless to say, we got a few good laughs out of those shots.
The colors were AMAZING that day. The beautiful blue sky went so well with their pink shirts. The {J27} actions for elements came in handy, especially In Color! Man, did they POP!    

We are surrounded by water out here this Spring and we used that to our advantage! Stuck the "ugly" chair right out in a giant puddle, and went with it. I love how these turned out.

Looking forward to their July wedding! Hoping the weather turns around so we all don't have to wear BOGS!

Next Engagement session is June 4th in Poudre Canyon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

~K~ Trash the Dress

Due to the fact that M & K were from South Dakota we had to do her trash the dress session almost immediately after the reception. The weather had been BEAUTIFUL all day for the wedding, then of course when we get back here to the's cold and windy. We made it work though!!

K really wanted photos on a horse and with our draft horses. I saddled up our nicest riding horse and when she got on, the wind took her train...Easy did not like this! So, instead of getting the flowing train down his hindquarters, we had to tuck her dress in to avoid an accident. It worked though!

Our draft horses are work horses. They are used to Matt (my husband) and that's about it. We were able to get them in some shots, but at a distance. They are gentle giants, but HUGE chickens.

We got lots of smooches between M & K and the photos seem to have a vintage feel. I love how they turned out!

More on the website!

~M&K` Say I Do!!

Two years ago I was asked to photograph a small wedding for a coworker. I was petrified! However, it was small, no getting ready shots, intimate ceremony and a quiet supper. It was a good starting point.

I didn't really advertise for weddings since then, because they intimidated me. I was asked to shoot a wedding in July back in December, and it got me excited! That's when the bug bit me. I knew I wanted to do weddings. They are a lot, I mean A LOT, of work. But in the end you get to capture some of the most beautiful moments for the loving couple.

K contacted me a couple of months ago about their May wedding. I got even more excited for their wedding when I found out they are ranchers just like me! Cowboy boots and all! May couldn't come soon enough!

Their wedding was small and intimate and I loved every moment. Taking photos of K getting her hair done was like hanging out with my girlfriends. Lots of laughing, super relaxed atmosphere. M was chill as well. Taking photos of the guys, and you could see the excitement in his eyes!

Everyone in the wedding party wore cowboy boots (even the bride!) SO something I would do!

They were oh so cute! Sneaking kisses here and there. A lot of love between these two!

 I was so honored to be asked to be there and document their special day. I had lots of ideas and they were open anything I threw at them. This was a perfect wedding to start off the season!

Next wedding is June 10th! SO excited!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Expecting ~K~ & Family

 I had so much fun with this family last weekend! Little ~I~ gave us a run for our money, but we made it work. G & K are so loving towards each other and their little girl. Their new little one will be surrounded by love!

This is a blanket that was given to them for the new addition, I love how ~K~ and little ~I~ are enjoying a moment.

~K~ Just seemed to glow that day, so beautiful.

They have decided not to find out if their new little one is a boy or girl, and I love that! There are so few surprises in life, this one is extra special.

What a blessed family.

I am so looking forward to meeting their new bundle of joy in a few weeks!