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Marissa Tracy-Milroy-Balaton Senior Representative Class of 2015 {Southern Minnesota Senior Photographer}

Well, this session has a special place in my heart. Marissa is my niece and I have known her since she was seven. I remember playing "Old Maid" with her when I first met her 10 years ago. I have come to love her like a little sister and am so glad she is a part of our lives. 
We did two sessions and she rocked them both. 

This truck. Enough said. 

The colors!!

We had to be very careful with the red truck. Like, VERY careful so when we fell upon these old cars at a family farm, we were geeked!!! 

This light was perfect for this outfit!


 I loved the headband

For the fall session we went to the family farm. We had to get the stud in there. He is a big sweetheart. 

Just beautiful

The colt's decided to visit while we were in the horse pasture. 

Rissa, you have a very bright future ahead of you with a lot of loving people rooting you on! Here is to your senior year!!

~O~ Family {Southern Minnesota Family Photographer}

Being a photographer there is a lot being asked of you. You want people to love your photos and what you have created for them. When we look at our own work, we critique it, see things no one else does. When another photographer asks you to take their photos, you get nervous. They are not only looking at themselves, but your work even more then the average eye. When this lovely family asked me to capture their portraits, I was so excited and scared at the same time. She is one of my good friends and a fabulous photographer herself, and the fact that she asked ME was such an honor. I love how these images turned out! I think she does too ;-) 

My beautiful photographer friend and her family ♥

 How sweet is this?!

The boys


Such a sweet family...

and fun!

Oh these two!

The girls!
 There is something about a mother and her child...

I love this shot!

Thank you O Family!! I had so much fun, I hope to work with you all again soon!!

~A~ Tracy-Milroy-Balaton Senior Class of 2015 {Southern Minnesota Senior Photographer}

I was so excited when A's dad said he was bringing his guitar! I had so many ideas! We went downtown first, which our downtown isn't HUGE by any means, but it fit the role I was looking for! Then we went out to Garvin park and the light...well you know me, I love it! 

I love this!

I got a little smirk out of him by laying in the middle of the street and then a car came. I do what I have to do! 

The leaves, the shirt, seriously. 

We had just enough light at the end for some nice field shots. 

The last shot. Exactly how I envisioned!

Thank you A for asking me to capture your senior year! I had so much fun! Good luck in your future, I'm sure you'll do great things!

~Savannah~ Class of 2015 Slayton Senior Representative {Southern Minnesota Senior Photographer}

Savannah is my Class of 2015 representative for Slayton High School. I have had so much fun with her this year. We did two sessions one in the summer and one in the fall and she rocked both! 

I mean really?! Beautiful!

The long grass is just dreamy!


The light!

 We got the chair in the lake, and I got in up to my knees, it was worth it!


I love hunting shots! She brought all her gear and this wood pile was the PERFECT spot for the shots!

Just lovely!

Thank you Savannah for being my representative this year!! You rock! Enjoy your senior year!! And good luck hunting this year! ;-)

It isn't too late to book your 2015 senior photos!! Contact Savannah for a discount card!!

~A~ Tracy-Milroy-Balaton Class of 2015 Senior

A had contacted me last spring about photos and I was really looking forward to her session. She is a star athlete and was Miss Tracy at our town festival this year. She requested indoor photos in the gym, and I was happy to challenge myself for her session. I am not used to being indoors, but the new lights in the high school gym helped a ton! I am so pleased with how they turned out! 
We split her session into two to capture the fall colors (which will be a package all on it's own for 2016 seniors details coming soon!) and I had a hard time choosing my favorites from each session!

Loving the volleyball shots!

My favorite! 

This chair, long grass, love it! 
We lucked out having a creek to wade in since it was SO HOT out that day! 

Then it was nice and cool for the fall shots! 

This little bridge popped out at me that day and I am so glad it did!!

Fall shots are my favorite, the leaves everywhere are awesome!


A is so photogenic I don't think there is a bad photo in the bunch!

We hiked up the large hill, I mean huge, to get to the lookout for some shots, so worth it!

 Always willing to stop on the way out of the park for a shot in the road!

Thank you A, for allowing me to capture your senior year! I had so much fun! Good luck to you in the future, I'm sure you are on to do big things!!

I am still booking 2015 seniors! Contact me SOON!

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