Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goal has been reached!!

I have met my "big" weight loss goal! Now what? lol I need to maintain this weight as best I can. I know that fluctuating within 5 lbs is normal, and I am ok with that. I am aware that when I go back to MI in a few weeks that I won't be as conscious of what I eat (come on it's vacation!) and will probably gain a bit. These things don't bother me. It's returning to the point where I felt not so good about myself.

This was May of 2010. I had already lost about 30 lbs and was feeling so good that I could fit into my wranglers again. Of course they were a size 14...huh. Looking at this photo I remember feeling so much better, but no where near how I feel today!

Just took today! (Don't mind the blocks and mess the only full-length mirror is in my Son's room) I feel GREAT! I am now in a size 9 and haven't been here in YEARS! I only have two pairs of pants the fit me at the moment though.

Like I have mentioned before, ANYONE can do this! Three meals a day, healthy snacks, fruit, veggies, and portion control! If I miss breakfast, I constantly graze and go over my points allowance. Skipping meals has never been in my plan anyway, I love food too much, hehe.

Hang in there, those of you on this same path. Time is your friend! This took me two years, and that's ok (gave me some time to save money for new clothes, hehe). I now know I can stay this weight and still enjoy life. I never wanted my life to revolve around food, calories, restrictions, etc. I think about what I eat when I'm hungry, and some days I do fall off the wagon (especially when baking!). It's all part of it.

Most of all ENJOY LIFE!! Do something that makes you happy to help you lose the weight! Make sure you are satisfied with the way you are living, and LIVE!

"The only person who is with us our entire lives is alive while you are ALIVE!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wyoming Family Reunion

I was asked months ago about photographing a family reunion. I had never done an event like this, but went into it as I would a wedding. Many people, chaos, lists, cards, etc. There were A LOT of people!

Things seemed to run pretty smoothly. The hostess had a nice backdrop set up with a bench, her brother-in-law had built a western type fence, and they had little family signs hanging up. There were twinkle lights, but alas one thing will always be forgotten.

There were MANY little ones running around

I was organized as much as possible and the families were easy to work with. Though I don't specialize in indoor photography, the natural light coming from the large doors made for some amazing lighting. With it being 95 degrees outside...indoors was best!

Overall a great experience and I met some really nice people. Hoping to work with some of them again in the future.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sapphire Point Wedding

I was so excited for this wedding when the bride contacted me a few months ago. I had looked up other photographer's at this location and immediately was inspired! Rain or shine this location would shine!

~C~ contacted me about her intimate wedding back in March. She had mentioned her fiance's family was from Germany, and it really intrigued me. Working across the state is one thing, across continents, quite another! She was living in Pennsylvania at the time too! I love a challenge! Not that it was, we were very open with each other and sent emails frequently, and spoke on the phone if we needed to.

Having not been to the location before, I was a little weary the day of. But as stated above, this location was absolutely beautiful. I was a quick and sweet ceremony with the occasional tourist making his/her way down the hiking trail.

While taking photos afterward the chipmunks came out to beg for treats. ~E~ (the groom) was fascinated by them. We tried to get a photo of one of them eating from his hand...but they weren't THAT cooperative! lol Getting the entire group together wasn't as hard as I had anticipated either, everyone was willing and ready for all the photos I needed them for.

Overall, a great day! Look forward to possibly working with ~E&C~ again in the future, if they ever make it back to Colorado!