Monday, February 18, 2013

52 Week Challenge~ Week 7 {Nebraska Portrait Photographer}

Yes, I missed a week. You find out soon enough why I have been off my game, in the meantime, here is week 7!

{LOVE} 'Tis the season for love, right? I had a wonderful Valentine's Day with my boys, with a nice supper and a wonderful card. Monster had a blast at the school Valentine's Day party and ran his little heart out.

My photo is of one of my loves. Horses. I grew up in the suburbs and took riding lessons starting at age 10. I showed horses in High School and even owned a few here and there. I was so blessed to marry a man with the same passion and we currently own two Quarter Horse geldings. We live on a ranch where I can look outside and see all the boys grazing, playing, or relaxing. There truly is nothing like living in the country.

Their eyes tell their story. Where they have been and how much love they feel for their owners. This horse's name is Johnny Popper, he is a beautiful palomino and is owned by our boss. He is pretty much the leader of the pack and is pushing the others away at the fence in hopes for a treat. My son can pick him out and says, "there's Popper!". The lighting is dreamy for me too! This for me is love.

I have to post a photo of my other two loves! My little cowboy-in-training!
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Monday, February 4, 2013

52 Week Challenge (Weeks 4 & 5) {Nebraska Portrait Photographer}

I really have no excuse for not posting these on time. I had an idea for week three, and well that didn't happen.

So, here are weeks four and five. This month I am going to be better. Seriously. I need to shoot more to stay out of my Winter funk.

Week Four~ "On a Chair"

Ok, this one isn't literally on a chair. It's on the couch. My monster has decided that he doesn't need a nap anymore. We are in transition. This gets hard for momma, as I like to have my own "down time" during the day. We "rest" everyday together, whether watching a movie, or reading a book. Sometimes he dozes a bit and that just lets me know he needs his rest. This day he fell asleep with his Daddy. He is so peaceful while sleeping :-)

Week Five~ "Seeing Red"

This time I did a feeling instead of the actual color. I just love monster's "angry" face! He doesn't get mad often (I am lucky in that aspect) but when he does- watch out! I love practicing emotions with him. He sure does have a lot of empathy for being a three and a half year old. He has such a big heart.

Next week is "children's portraits", maybe I will actually get around to taking monster's three year photos! ;-)

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