Monday, August 27, 2012

LW Leather Model Shoot {Nebraska Photographer}

I  heard about LW Leather from my neighbor that had some custom chinks made for her daughter. I wrote an article for the The Fence Post and met with Lisa and watched her work for a bit. You could just see the passion she has for her business and her work. She knows what she likes, and won't sell anything but high quality leather goods.

I thought it would be a good idea for Lisa to have some photos of her products on the people who love them so much. I got a few neighbors together and we had some fun!

We took A LOT of photos that night, the light was PERFECT!! Here are a few of my favorites~

Love the color of ~J~'s chinks!

They kept saying they felt silly, but see girls, it doesn't look silly at all!

She was good, never hit me!


Such natural models!

These chinks are used on a daily basis!
I told him to look at the girls, and they said he couldn't be serious...I guess not! hehe
I can't wait to see what photos Lisa chooses for her website. It was so much fun taking these photos. Especially of a product that I would feel honored to own. We have another project in the works...stay tuned!

Rachel Eve~ Let's Learn! Week Two {Nebraska Photographer}

Ah week two. I took the time and downloaded the trial version of I think Rachel needs to buy it for me, kidding! Though, I do love it! Hoping I will have enough sessions in the next 30 days to buy it!

So, here we go with week two. I wanted to use photos I shot Saturday, but since it was a product shoot, there weren't many face-on shots, it was all about the legs. So, I used one of my photos from last week.

I have to say I love ACR!

I didn't change the skin color, but played with the background. Not sure how I like it, but it was fun playing around!

I think haze kids of works with this photo, vintage isn't a bad thing! :-)
Am looking forward to using CS6 for my son's three year photos, and using these new techniques!!
Thanks, Rachel!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monthly color Blog challenge~ August~ Rainbow {Nebraska Photographer}

This month's color challenge was Rainbow...yeah wasn't sure how I was going to do this. It's fun to have a challenge, though!

A brief recap of what this blog post is about. A group of fellow photographers and I decided to challenge ourselves and post photos each month with a color theme. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes not so much. We are now in our eighth month! Wow! It has been so much fun!

My image this month is from a product shoot I did last night. I am in LOVE with evening light lately so of course I had my models come toward evening. The light just kept getting better! I took some silouette photos for myself, because obviously you can't see the chinks we are trying to showcase. I just LOVE how the sunset is a purple/red behind her. No, it doesn't have the entire "rainbow" of colors, but it does have some different colors.
Please continue to the next photographer Lynn Puzz0, and leave us some love! We love hearing from you!
See you next month with Black and White! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo of the week ~Week 33 {Nebraska Photographer}

I missed last week...sorry! This week was nice a cool here in Nebraska. We were LOVING the 80 degree weather, and even had to wear jackets during the bronc riding Wednesday night! Tuesday, it was actually a little warm (in the 90s) and my Son wanted to play in the "cool", hehe. He was splashing and jumping, as his lips were turning purple! The water wasn't exactly warm, lol.

Oh how I love those lashes!!

He LOVES to splash! I have one of him when he was just under a year old splashing away, such a cutie!

Summer is winding down, and thought it makes me excited because it means the weather is getting cooler, I kind of hate to see it go. I am not ready to lose my tan! haha

Happy Weekend!!

Rachel Eve Photography~ Let's Learn~ Week 1

So, I have to say...I procrastinated...oops. I had this lesson in my head all week and kept saying, "I have to make sure to catch that sunset tomorrow" it ended up being tonight. Seeing as I will be out of town tomorrow, I wanted to get this posted tonight so I wouldn't miss the deadline. See, I WAS thinking a little bit!

Ok, this week was challenging to me. I know light, at least I thought I did. But you got me thinking on a whole new level. When my fiance' walked outside and saw me turning in a circle, he laughed and said, "what are you doing?" he smiled when I told him I was looking for the light. He understands me!

A little warning, I like my photos a bit on the warm side. I tried my best for natural reflectors, but out here on the's difficult. All photos were taken with my Canon 7D and 50mm 1.8.

So, here is what I came up with~

Side Light
I had my fiance' hold up my small reflector on my son's right side to illuminate the shadows. Compared to the shot before I had him do this, it's a GREAT improvement!
Settings- f/4 @ 50 mm, 1/800, ISO 400

We had JUST missed the sun behind the hill, and by the time we would have opened gates to chase it further, it would have been gone. I wanted this to be my flare, but it ended up being my glow. Working with a toddler, you take what you can get, lol. Being a Mother, I love this shot, as it shows my son's crazy personality.
Settings- f/4 @ 50 mm, 1/640, ISO 400

Now, I shot this before the class started. This was early morning and there was fog all around the hay meadows. I really do love this shot, it just feels like home.
Settings-  f/4 @ 50 mm, 1/1600, ISO 400

Front Light
Ah, my puppers. He HATES to get his photo taken, seriously. I have had a camera in his face his whole life, so he tends to run from me when he sees the camera. Today was an exception, maybe he just wanted some attention.
Settings- f/4 @ 50 mm, 1/3200, ISO 400

This shot warms my heart. I really do love silhouette shots. Ideally, his legs wouldn't have been cut off by the hill behind him, but this is what I had to work with. Plus, it was hard enough to get my fiance' to agree to be in a photo!!
Settings-  f/4 @ 50 mm, 1/5000, ISO 400

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say, Rachel!! I know I have a lot to work on, and am open to anything you can do to give me some pointers!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

"Pet Faces" an IHeart Faces Photo Challenge (Nebraska Photographer)

Thank you to Mountain Expressions Photography for posting about this awesome photo challenge from IHeart Faces. When I saw that it had to do with pets, you KNOW what photo I thought of!

This is my absolute FAVORITE photo of my Son and his dog. Capturing a moment with both of them still is a challenge, let along getting one where it looks like they are both laughing, is priceless. I have this print as a magnet on my fridge and a huge wrap on my wall. Oh how I love these boys.

There is nothing like the bond of a boy and his dog.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekly Photo Week #31 {Nebraska Photographer}

It's been so terribly dry here this Summer. The heat has been crazy! We are getting a little bit of a break this weekend. It's going to be 85 tomorrow!! This is a BIG deal.

The other morning while I was out for my walk I took my camera along. We had finally gotten some rain so there was a bit of fog. I just loved how the light was hitting the hay bales. I used a bit of texture on this photo for some more drama. Not sure how I like it. Please share your thoughts! 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

~P~ Wedding 7-21-2012 {Colorado Wedding Photography}

A&T got in touch with me last November about shooting their Steamboat Springs wedding. They were so sweet and T knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding photos. Unfortunately they lived in Illinois, so we were unable to meet before hand. This never bothers me, because we had a very open communication via email and three way calls.

The day of the wedding was quite warm, but fortunately I was used to 106 degrees back home, 86 seemed like Spring! hehe. Everyone was in good spirits and we had a blast with photos. The venues were beautiful. Rolling Ranch Golf course for the ceremony and the Sheridan for the reception. I just love outdoor weddings. I do so much better with natural light!

Beware~ photo overload! I had so much fun with this family and was so pleased they chose me to capture their special day!

Mastering the kerchief fold

The guys

~T~ Eagerly awaiting first look instructions

She was such a beautiful bride

So sweet

The dip shot was a bit difficult with the mermaid cut dress

But we got it!

So lovely

Again, in love with the colors!

Toast before heading to the ceremony spot

Such a cute flower girl!

Checking in with Mommy

Ah outdoor weddings
The kiss

Another great ring shot!

I have always wanted to get this shot

Sweet first dance

Beautiful cake

Best Man's toast

Cutting a run into the night...

I wish nothing but love and happiness for this couple. They are so sweet. Again, thank you A&T for including me in your amazing day!

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