Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly Photo Week 30 {Nebraska Photographer}

I missed last week for traveling, but wanted to make sure to post this week.

It's been a CRAZY Summer! I'm sad to see it go so quickly. Especially since I have so much to still do for our wedding in October.

This Summer has been HOT. I have been bugging M this whole time about getting a pool, even just a little one, for our son to play in. We happened to find one this week in our shed! The luck!

Monster LOVES this pool, and so does the dog! He rarely "swims" in it, but does like to play with his boats and buckets, and I like to sit with my feet in it while he plays. It's a good thing to keep him entertained and not stuck in the house on hot days. The dog will get in sometimes and splash around too!

Ah Summer. I do love it, but I am looking forward to the Fall.

~F~ Family Third times the charm! {Nebraska traveling Family Photographer}

When I first met the F family it was the Fall of 2010. We had had a warm fall and A was hoping to get more of a Summer feel to their family photos, well, it cooled down that week. Last Fall we tried snowed.

Ah ha! This year we MADE it happen! I was in town for a wedding and it worked out perfectly to meet up with this lovely family and get some beautiful Summer shots on the mountain.

I forget how BLUE the sky is on Colorado, and we had some dramatic clouds that afternoon!

Little ~E~ is growing so fast! She is such a doll!

See what I mean about the clouds???

The black dots in the background, buffalo!

How could we NOT get a shot with the outhouse?!

So sweet

Lovely family!

I hope to make a trip yearly to the area and be able to continue to be this family's photographer! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

~Little E Turns ONE!~ {Colorado Family Photography}

I get so excited when I get to watch my clients grow up. Little E was my second newborn session ever, and I was lucky enough to capture her first year of life. I love making lasting relationships in this business and I hope to work with this family again in the future!

I got my workout in that day chasing Little E around! I loved it! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monthly Color Challenge~ July~ Red, White, Blue {Nebraska Photographer}

It's that time again! This month's color challenge was Red, White & Blue. I had ideas, but of course they went right out the window as this month seriously flew by!! So, for the first time I am going to use photos from a recent session and wedding!

This family is so much fun!

I loved that each of the bridesmaids had different shoes, but same color, even the bride!

Until next time (stay tuned for blog posts from both of the sessions I did in CO and this beautiful wedding!). Next month is Rainbow Bright...hmmm.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

An afternoon in the park with ~P~! {Nebraska Children's Photographer}

I was thrilled when ~P~'s Mom told me he loves baseball. That is the key sport in my own home, so I knew we would get along!

We met up at the park on a VERY hot afternoon, and could hear the laughter from the public pool. The heat didn't slow down ~P~ at all! He showed me his favorite spots, he and his Mom visit this park frequently. And showed me how well he can hit a baseball and throw. He has quite a sports future!

I found myself loving this session in black and white...couldn't help myself!

Oh the expressions he was giving me! Loved it!

Baseball fan through and through!

Until next time....

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Photo Week 28 {Nebraska Photographer}

This week was nice. Got to see some friends, play outside, got the bottom of the house primed for paint. It is getting warm again~ boo. And we still need LOTS of rain.

I spent some time this evening with my boy outside and playing with some light. I have a session tomorrow and I always like to get into a "groove" the day before so I know what to expect (kind of) the day of a session. Plus, my session is with a three year old, so not far from my little monster's age!

I love this shot of my little man. He is getting better about listening when I ask him to pose for me. Of course, it doesn't last long, but what can I expect? Plus, I am one that likes shots like these, it shows his true expression when something catches his eye. It's not forced.

It's hard to believe July is half over already. Where did Summer go?

Until next time~ Stay warm!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Photo Week 27 {Nebraska Photographer}

How was every one's Fourth of July?? We had so much fun with our neighbors playing softball. My fiance' was totally in his element. He had played baseball for 13 years of his life, so this was right up his alley. I got a base hit both times I was up to bat. I then had to go watch our son on the slip and slide. However, while I was able to play I realized I should have played softball in High School, it's so much fun!

This week's photo is one I took for my photo a day challenge I am also doing. I took a lot of photos for Day 6 which was "chair". This one melts my heart as it shows the innocence of my little man. And he is quickly growing up. He went all day in big boy underwear yesterday without an accident! He also had a dry pull up in the morning and after nap. Things are looking up for potty training!!

Wow, and it's already going on the second week of July. Where is the Summer going??

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

~F~ Wedding 6-15-2012 St.Paul, MN {Traveling Wedding Photography}

I met ~A~ eight years ago when my fiance' introduced us. They have known each other their entire lives, and they turn into children when they get together (boys!) ;-) Over the years I started to consider him one of my friends as well, A has such a good heart. When he told us he was engaged to ~K~, we were so excited for him! They asked me to take their wedding photos, and I couldn't have been more honored.

There were a few firsts for me with this wedding. First of all, I have never worked for friends before. I put more pressure on myself so I would give them the best possible photos I could produce. Another first was NINE, count them NINE on each side in this wedding party. I haven't shot more then five. We made it work and had fun with it.  On top of that, my fiance' was in the wedding. He has never seen me at work before, so I warned him that I become bossy and will lay on the ground :-) Overall, it was a great day. K was beautiful, her girls were fabulous, the guys cracked me up, and I even cried (with everyone else!).

{Beware Photo overload~ I couldn't help it!}

Probably one of the most emotional first looks I have ever done. So sweet.

They were up for anything I threw at them.

And not opposed to kissing! :-)

~K~ Was a beautiful bride!

The skyline made for some pretty awesome photos!!

What's cuter then a new Aunt talking with her new neice??

Like I said, LARGE wedding party. They were all good sports though, and we had a blast!

LOVED K's shoes. The little heart made them that more fabulous!

Their said vase said "Together Forever". The five candles were memory candles. I love this idea.

The ceremony took place at Wabasha Street Caves, so literally we were in the side of a hill. VERY cool (but dark) vevue. It is the most haunted place in St.Paul, MN!

There were a lot of happy tears that day!

Ah, the first dance.

It was a very emotional Mother/Son dance as well. So sweet.

The cake was done by A's mom and dad, they did a beautiful job!

I am so pleased that A&K had me be a part of their special day. I love them both so much, and wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness!!

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