Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Blog Challenge~ October~ Black & Orange {Nebraska Photographer}

It's time for the color blog challenge! This month was, of course, orange and black.

A little recap on what we are doing here. A group of fellow photographers and I are challenging ourselves and doing a color blog challenge. Each month we have a different color or colors to capture. October is a busy month for me, so it was a challenge.

We got some snow yesterday and I went out to shoot some photos of my adorable little monster. I love getting shots of him and his dog. Turns out, his coat is orange and our dog is black! :-) It works for me!!

I have so many shots like this, but I just love my boys!!

Please continue on to the next photographer, Lynn Puzzo, and see what she has come up with this month!

Only two more months to go!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An evening on the ranch ~D~ Family {Nebraska Family Photographer}

I adore this family. They are very close to my heart. My husband works for them, and even though we have only been here for nine months, they opened up their home for our wedding. That's right, they let a bunch of people they didn't know into their home and let us get married in their front yard. I am still in awe of their generosity.

I thought the least I could do was give them a session to capture special moments to last a lifetime.

~A~ had ideas for locations and we went scouting a little before shooting time. We hadn't lost ALL the leaves by the creek, so it was PERFECT. We found the most beautiful glow and went to work. Now, it took a little bit of time to warm up, and I mean just a little bit of time. We hit up a few spots by the creek then headed to their family sign. I had always envisioned a silhouette shot of this family on their horses, so we had to rush up to the hill before we lost the light. They let me drive their Ranger to get up the driveway and instead of taking it up the hill...I ran. Yes, I had a four-wheel drive vehicle and I SPRINTED up the hill to catch the light. Needless to say...I'm STILL feeling it today! It's all good though, it was well worth it! :-)

I really wanted to get shots of ~G~ & ~A~ together. I think it's extremely important to have photos of couples even when they have kids. It all started with two ♥

Just love them!!

Such a good looking family, they make my job easy!

Got the furry children in their too!
The newest addition to the clan, Gracie
These two did a lot at the fair this year, they work really well together
Oh Shadda wanted to hunt after this shoot, so badly!

This was a shot ~A~ had in mind, it turned out really good, even though the guys were "shooting" into the sun!

Oh and this was THE shot I wanted!!

Love how this one turned out too!
Like I said before I love this family to pieces and was so happy to capture these moments for them! I hope to continue to "shoot" this family through the years!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~Mommy & Me~ {Nebraska Family Photographer}

I was so pleased when ~B~ contacted me about doing a session with her and her son. I met them earlier in the Summer and they are so much fun to be around. The City Park in Valentine was still full of color and we had some great light that evening. I am so excited with how these photos turned out! The colors were AWESOME!
So sweet
I love this little man's green eyes!

Had to get some shots with the boots!

I snuck up on them, hehe!

Oh how I LOVE Fall!!
I hope to continue to work with this lovely family. I love being able to laugh throughout the whole session!
Remember, it isn't too late to book your Fall session! I am still offering FREE Holiday cards with sessions booked this month and in November! Contact me SOON before we loose all the color!

Monday, October 15, 2012

~K~ Family /Little ~S~ is 6 months! {Nebraska Family Photographer}

I thought we lived far away from town, but our neighbors, live even further down the road. In fact, they are at the end of the road. But, gosh, is it beautiful down there. As I drove in yesterday morning I was scoping the place out. They had already chosen and spot, and really, it is where I was thinking!

It was a bit windy, so little ~S~ needed some coaxing in the smile department, but we made it work! The smiles this family has are priceless and I was honored to capture some that morning!

All smiles for Daddy!

Little pink cowgirl!
Such love

There's that smile!

They all have great smiles
"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive." ~Gilda Radner

This is my favorite of the day!
I look forward to watching little ~S~ continue to grow, she is such a doll!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~S~ Family Reunion {Nebraska Family Photographer}

I am finally getting around to blogging my last session. (It's been a BIT crazy around here)

The ~S~ family contacted me back in July about their family getting together in September. Valentine, Nebraska was a central meeting place for themselves and their children.
They were staying at the Heartland Elk Ranch outside of Valentine, and I couldn't have been more excited! It was one of our first crisp Fall days, and we worked quickly to keep ourselves warm!

Grandchildren are such a blessing...

I love this generation photo..


These kids were so stinkin' cute!!

Oh so love even after all these years.

We really lucked out on a great location!!
I was so pleased this family asked me to capture these precious memories for them. I hope to see them again in the future and continue to watch their family grow.