Saturday, October 1, 2011

9-7-11 Newborn

Catching up with my blogging is becoming a bit difficult! Seeing as it is October first, I plan on getting at least September blogged by my first October session (on the 7th).

On the seventh of September I met a beautiful baby boy! I made sure the room was warm, and was all prepared. However, I have found that I like nontraditional newborn photography. Let the session take itself. Maybe a few props, maybe a common pose here and there. For the most part, though, I like letting the child direct me. Let him sleep on the beanbag and snuggle up, detail shots are taken then. Let his Mom comfort him back into sleep, loving shots are taken then.

I love this one...he was giving them a present as I shot :-)
Oh little sweet

So, as we all know I love to shoot the WHOLE time, to get the sweet candid photos. I love baby peach fuzz, I love little wrinkles. You will see those when I shoot newborns, that's what makes them so precious.


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