Thursday, October 27, 2011

T&J Engagement!

I was so pleased to be hired by T&J to take photos for their wedding in June 2012. We got together last weekend to shoot their engagement photos. Poudre Canyon was still holding it's color, after this snow we just had, not so sure what's left. One of my favorite spots to shoot has a little grove of trees, beach right by the river, trails, and many places to get some great shots! I wore my muck boots so I could get in the river to get the right angle, yes, I will do anything for a great shot! :-)

I love the feeling of Fall in this photo

They were so cute!

Sometimes I think my clients aren't sure what to do with me. When I say, "Now peek around the tree like 'helllloooo'" and start laughing, I expect them to tell me to leave, lol. Every time, though, they laugh and go with it, I love that!!

Am looking forward to June more and more. Sounds like it is going to be a beautiful wedding!


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