Saturday, October 1, 2011

~W&S~ Say I do! 9-17-11

September 17th was a busy day for me!

I had done W&S's engagement photos so I knew this would be a fun wedding. This was the first wedding I shot where I took the photos before the wedding. I got to capture the special "first look" shot, and I got chills. ~W~ was so patient, but let us know it was "so unfair" that he couldn't see ~S~ while I set up the shot, hehe.

They are such a sweet couple, ~W~ kept telling her how beautiful she looked. I enjoy weddings so much, they make my heart melt every time...

Some leaves had started to fall, but we still had some really nice green grass....

I love Fall wedding colors!

Each wedding always becomes my favorite, I can't lie. The more I do them, the more people I meet, and the happier I get. The fact this couple actually climbed a jungle gym before the wedding, now that is fun!!


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