Monday, August 27, 2012

Rachel Eve~ Let's Learn! Week Two {Nebraska Photographer}

Ah week two. I took the time and downloaded the trial version of I think Rachel needs to buy it for me, kidding! Though, I do love it! Hoping I will have enough sessions in the next 30 days to buy it!

So, here we go with week two. I wanted to use photos I shot Saturday, but since it was a product shoot, there weren't many face-on shots, it was all about the legs. So, I used one of my photos from last week.

I have to say I love ACR!

I didn't change the skin color, but played with the background. Not sure how I like it, but it was fun playing around!

I think haze kids of works with this photo, vintage isn't a bad thing! :-)
Am looking forward to using CS6 for my son's three year photos, and using these new techniques!!
Thanks, Rachel!


  1. Kyleen! I can't get over how cute he is! :) Your ACR fix is SO much better! I think the WB is slightly off..a little too warm (orange). It looks much better after you did some skin retouching and coloration. You probably could have added a little more blue (photo filter) or even lowered hue/saturation a bit around the edges where you can see the sun hitting his skin. I really LOVE what you did to the background! It looks way different, in a good way of course! The haze also looks good, ESPECIALLY on his skin. I think if you were to combine the last two photos, you would have a gold medal winner! ;) Great, super, fantastic job, and SUPER adorable 'model'!


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