Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly Photo Week 30 {Nebraska Photographer}

I missed last week for traveling, but wanted to make sure to post this week.

It's been a CRAZY Summer! I'm sad to see it go so quickly. Especially since I have so much to still do for our wedding in October.

This Summer has been HOT. I have been bugging M this whole time about getting a pool, even just a little one, for our son to play in. We happened to find one this week in our shed! The luck!

Monster LOVES this pool, and so does the dog! He rarely "swims" in it, but does like to play with his boats and buckets, and I like to sit with my feet in it while he plays. It's a good thing to keep him entertained and not stuck in the house on hot days. The dog will get in sometimes and splash around too!

Ah Summer. I do love it, but I am looking forward to the Fall.


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