Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Photo Week 27 {Nebraska Photographer}

How was every one's Fourth of July?? We had so much fun with our neighbors playing softball. My fiance' was totally in his element. He had played baseball for 13 years of his life, so this was right up his alley. I got a base hit both times I was up to bat. I then had to go watch our son on the slip and slide. However, while I was able to play I realized I should have played softball in High School, it's so much fun!

This week's photo is one I took for my photo a day challenge I am also doing. I took a lot of photos for Day 6 which was "chair". This one melts my heart as it shows the innocence of my little man. And he is quickly growing up. He went all day in big boy underwear yesterday without an accident! He also had a dry pull up in the morning and after nap. Things are looking up for potty training!!

Wow, and it's already going on the second week of July. Where is the Summer going??

Happy Weekend!


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