Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Photo Week 28 {Nebraska Photographer}

This week was nice. Got to see some friends, play outside, got the bottom of the house primed for paint. It is getting warm again~ boo. And we still need LOTS of rain.

I spent some time this evening with my boy outside and playing with some light. I have a session tomorrow and I always like to get into a "groove" the day before so I know what to expect (kind of) the day of a session. Plus, my session is with a three year old, so not far from my little monster's age!

I love this shot of my little man. He is getting better about listening when I ask him to pose for me. Of course, it doesn't last long, but what can I expect? Plus, I am one that likes shots like these, it shows his true expression when something catches his eye. It's not forced.

It's hard to believe July is half over already. Where did Summer go?

Until next time~ Stay warm!


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