Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Friday Photo Post Week 23 {Nebraska Photographer}

Yes, I do know it's not Friday! I have been extremely busy recently but wanted to catch up the blog a bit. I will more then likely not post this week's Friday post until Sunday because I have a wedding this Friday in Minnesota.

So, this week's photo is of my son and his dog. I never get tired of taking their picture. I rented a 22-70mm 2.8 L lens for the weddings I am shooting and tested it out with these two.

This to me is the best view. My son LOVES to take walks down our driveway. Has even made it to the end and back (it's a mile round trip) but it helps him sleep! The thing is, we have to watch for snakes. We have had a couple in our yard recently. Both have been bull snakes, but one was 5' long!!! YUCK! Ah Summertime!

Here is to warm weather, the hope of more rain, and busy busy weekends! 


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