Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Color Blog Monthly Challenge {Nebraska Photographer}

Here we are again! It's that time of the month. A little recap as we are now halfway through our color challenge!

A group of fellow photographers and I got together and decided to challenge ourselves. Each month we have a different color or colors that we have to photograph. The subject can be anything as long as the photo revolves around that month's color.

June is "pastel", any color, light and dreamy.

Wow. This one was hard for me. I did, however, look through some of the latest branding photos~ BAM! The light WAS dreamy that day, and I did get some light and airy shots.
The first shot is of some cowboys waiting their turn to wrestle (they are watching the action in the next shot). One of them is mine ;-) 

A little excitement ensued when a calf had to be caught after being let loose. He came running from behind me, so this is the best shot I could get. As I said, the guys were watching this when I took their photo!

In both of these photos I love the color of the green grass (though we need more rain desperately!) and the lightness of the sky. This is my life, and I love it!!

Please continue to the next photographer Lynn Puzzo to see what she has come up with this month. Leave us comments if you wish, we don't ever complain about that!! :-D

July is Red, White and/or Blue~ I have an idea for this one! 


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