Monday, March 26, 2012

Monthly Color Blog Challenge

As you know by now, I am participating in a color blog challenge with some fellow photographers. It's a way to challenge ourselves throughout the year. March was green and/or yellow/gold.

 Since it has been unseasonably warm this spring, my Son and I have been outside quite a bit. He LOVES to go "fishing" in the water tanks here on the ranch. He started out by putting his hand in and then "showing" me his catch, so cute! We do have a mud puppy in our closest tank and it has been our mission to catch it, it's pretty tricky!!

"catching" fish in the big water tank by the house

I thought the green of his hat (with also a little yellow!) and the green of the water was perfect for this month! We do have a lot of green grass and some leaves budding around as well.

Please check out Lynn Puzzo continue through the circle of amazing photographs! We love to hear feedback! Happy Spring!

Check back next month when our colors are Purple and/or Pink!


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