Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday Photo Post week 11~ On Sunday...oops!

I was gone all day Friday shooting an engagement session (post to follow this one) so I was unable to post my weekly blog that day. Then yesterday it was 83 degrees!! After I got done editing my session, I went outside and stayed there the rest of the day. So, here we are two days late, but better then never!!

Those of you that are fans of College sports, you know it is officially March Madness season. My beloved Spartans won the second round and are on to round three today. Being in Cornhusker country (Nebraska) it is hard being an MSU fan. It will get worse come football season, seeing as Nebraska didn't make it onto the bracket.

I decorated our sidewalk yesterday so all those who enter our home know who we support!! (The green isn't quite right, but it's all that was in my son's sidewalk chalk box).


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