Saturday, November 10, 2012

~S~ Family {Nebraska Family Photographer}

Have I mentioned I love meeting new people? This family was no exception!

I got a "grand" tour from young ~S~ of the old barn, every inch of it :-) I loved his enthusiasm for his favorite exploring place. ~R~ claimed she wasn't a cowgirl, I beg to differ! She stood tall in the saddle and certainly looked the part. She is a beauty and is sure to capture boys hearts soon! Middle ~S~ took a little warming up, but soon he was just as into the shoot as everyone else. I loved watching this family interact with each other, and laugh.

They are a true ranching family and I was so happy to capture these special moments for them!

Loved his boots!

She rocked it!
 The "old barn" was very cool to shoot!

Such a ham!

I think I will have many more requests for silhouette shots, and I am SO excited to do them!!
Country way of life is the only way to go!

They were so patient with me!
I hope to work with this family again in the future! They certainly had me smiling the whole shoot and were very patient with me as I came up with ideas on the fly! Thank you ~S~ family!!!


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