Friday, October 26, 2012

Color Blog Challenge~ October~ Black & Orange {Nebraska Photographer}

It's time for the color blog challenge! This month was, of course, orange and black.

A little recap on what we are doing here. A group of fellow photographers and I are challenging ourselves and doing a color blog challenge. Each month we have a different color or colors to capture. October is a busy month for me, so it was a challenge.

We got some snow yesterday and I went out to shoot some photos of my adorable little monster. I love getting shots of him and his dog. Turns out, his coat is orange and our dog is black! :-) It works for me!!

I have so many shots like this, but I just love my boys!!

Please continue on to the next photographer, Lynn Puzzo, and see what she has come up with this month!

Only two more months to go!



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