Friday, October 11, 2013

~A~ Sleepy Eye 2014 Senior {Southwest Minnesota Senior Photographer}

I was so pleased to be asked to take ~A~'s senior portraits. Hearing that he wanted to take them at the skate park had me running wild with ideas. This time I was SO happy I wasn't pregnant anymore! I was able to roll around and move around a lot easier then I could a month ago ;-)
It took some time, but I got ~A~ to smile for me! He was such a nice young man and I had so much fun getting to know him and his mother. Even though he drove a Chevy truck (I'm a Ford girl all the way ;-)! 

I laid down at the bottom of the ramp and said, "Ok, don't run into me!" and he didn't! :-D

We even stopped traffic...ok we really just waited until there weren't any cars!


I told him I would Photoshop a Ford logo on his truck, I didn't though!!

He has such a nice smile!



 So glad we found this bridge at the end of his session. LOVED it!
Congratulations ~A~ I wish you the best of luck in the future!!
There is still time to book your Senior Portraits! The colors are amazing right now! 


  1. I like the picture of Alex with his Skateboard behind his head very cool.... Sara is going to have a hard time choosing which one is best. Love the action shots too.

  2. Love the pic with Alex with the skateboard behind his head. Sara will have a hard time deciding what action shot to pick. Very nice photos.