Friday, January 11, 2013

Up Before Dawn...{Nebraska Wedding & Engagement Photograper}

Getting up before dawn is not my favorite thing to do, just ask my husband. However, when you want that light you gotta do what you gotta do!
S&S wanted that light and came with ideas, which I love! We had to take multiple breaks as it was
-6* windchill~ BRRR. It was totally worth it!
So loving!
Love getting the giggles!
I don't think they minded the blanket.
This was all their idea, so cute!
Would it be complete without the dogs? Let me tell you, I have never seen better behaved dogs before, they were so good.
S has a great smile!
Hunters?! Too good to be true!!
 I was in no danger, I promise you!

Ah...that light!

They are too cute!
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Like I said it was worth the getting up early and braving the elements. Hopefully their June 1 wedding will be much warmer! 


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