Saturday, January 12, 2013

~S&J~ She said YES! {Nebraska Wedding & Engagement Photography}

When S &J requested a coffee shop for their engagement shoot, I thought, "warm, coffee, warm, YES!" It happens to be where S works and one of the best businesses in Valentine, NE. Speaking of Valentine, what better place to capture love? There are hearts EVERYWHERE in this town, and I "love" it!
We HAD to get the shots of the hearts on the sidewalks...perfect!
Ring shot and date shot on a coffee cup? Yes please!
This was a sweet request from the bride, adorable.
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The counters were a photographer's dream!
Practicing their dip kiss for the wedding, many giggles were heard.
Who would have thought coffee house light would work so well? ;-)
It's those natural moments I just love capturing!
Have to show some love to the iron gate!
Thank you Auntie D's for your wonderful hospitality and delicious coffee!!
This couple is so cute. I just adored watching them discuss shots and ideas. I am so looking forward to their June wedding!!


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