Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Photo Week 15

Here we are in the middle of April already. Things are blooming and the weather is on it's way! Well, that's what we are told. Tomorrow is going to be a doozie. We need the rain, so we have to take our blessings as they come to us.

This week I am posting some photos of my son I took this morning. I needed some shots with his cowboy hat on (with clothes, he tends to want to be naked more these days!) and thought it was as good a time as ever. Sometimes when I set out to do shoots like this, I'll have one good photo out of many. My son tends to not want to stand still and once he sets his sights on the swings, we're done. This time, however, I was floored. He gave me such expressions, I melted. I am so glad I caught him at the right moment!!

My little cowboy in training!

Happy Friday!


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