Tuesday, May 27, 2014

D&G She said YES!! {Southern Minnesota Engagement Photographer}

I love it when I show up to do a session and things are automatically comfortable. This is how I felt with these two. I was able to be goofy, and show my silly side and they were willing to show me theirs. They were so sweet too! When I ask a couple to kiss and I don't have to tell them to stop, it makes my job super easy ;-) 

Again, Garvin Park is quite possibly my favorite spot to shoot. You can walk just a few feet and get a completely different backdrop. 

Both of them have amazing eyes! 

I noticed her tattoo and LOVED how it was showing for this shot!

Those eyes....

And this is how I know we will get along swimmingly!!

I love getting this shot.

Real smiles, gotta love them!

They asked if we could do a fire. Of course I said yes! It wasn't as dark as I would have liked, but we still had a blast and got some fun shots! I always try to deliver for my clients! 

Swoon. That is all. 

I just know we are going to have a blast at the October wedding! Not only is the venue beautiful, but with as many laughs as we had at their engagement session, I just know we will have fun on their big day!

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