Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wyoming Family Reunion

I was asked months ago about photographing a family reunion. I had never done an event like this, but went into it as I would a wedding. Many people, chaos, lists, cards, etc. There were A LOT of people!

Things seemed to run pretty smoothly. The hostess had a nice backdrop set up with a bench, her brother-in-law had built a western type fence, and they had little family signs hanging up. There were twinkle lights, but alas one thing will always be forgotten.

There were MANY little ones running around

I was organized as much as possible and the families were easy to work with. Though I don't specialize in indoor photography, the natural light coming from the large doors made for some amazing lighting. With it being 95 degrees outside...indoors was best!

Overall a great experience and I met some really nice people. Hoping to work with some of them again in the future.


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