Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Q&A in May :-)

Q & A wanted to do the second half of their engagement shoot without snow, so we opted to wait until May to get some Spring shots.
Now, granted technically it's doesn't feel like it here in the Mountains! The day we were originally suppose to have the shoot it rain/snowed all day. The next day...beautiful...but windy. Eh, we're used to that here!

We again, had so much fun. Trying to "hop" the big mud spots in the pasture, climbing equipment, and generally just goofing off! A was up for anything I threw at her...even climbing the giant barrel! Needless to say, we got a few good laughs out of those shots.
The colors were AMAZING that day. The beautiful blue sky went so well with their pink shirts. The {J27} actions for elements came in handy, especially In Color! Man, did they POP!    

We are surrounded by water out here this Spring and we used that to our advantage! Stuck the "ugly" chair right out in a giant puddle, and went with it. I love how these turned out.

Looking forward to their July wedding! Hoping the weather turns around so we all don't have to wear BOGS!

Next Engagement session is June 4th in Poudre Canyon!


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