Sunday, May 22, 2011

~K~ Trash the Dress

Due to the fact that M & K were from South Dakota we had to do her trash the dress session almost immediately after the reception. The weather had been BEAUTIFUL all day for the wedding, then of course when we get back here to the's cold and windy. We made it work though!!

K really wanted photos on a horse and with our draft horses. I saddled up our nicest riding horse and when she got on, the wind took her train...Easy did not like this! So, instead of getting the flowing train down his hindquarters, we had to tuck her dress in to avoid an accident. It worked though!

Our draft horses are work horses. They are used to Matt (my husband) and that's about it. We were able to get them in some shots, but at a distance. They are gentle giants, but HUGE chickens.

We got lots of smooches between M & K and the photos seem to have a vintage feel. I love how they turned out!

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