Friday, June 28, 2013

~O~ Family~ Perfect Nebraska Evening {Natural Light Family Photographer}

I was thrilled to take photos for this beautiful family. Little ~M~ is good friend with my Son and was heartbroken to learn we were moving. She is such a sweetie and I hope they continue to be friends across the miles!
We lucked out with the beautiful evening light, a slight breeze, and a wonderful backdrop. What could be better?!
 These two melt my heart!
Momma's little man!
I think it looks like little ~M~ is begging for something ;-)
These two are such wonderful parents!

This shot is so precious!

I truly believe getting shots of the parents by themselves during family sessions, after all, it all started when they fell in love ♥


There is just something about this shot that I just love.
And he still makes her laugh, that's very important ;-)

I love how C is looking at L...

Little cowboy in the making!


 This shot was requested. I love how it looks like little ~N~ is looking down in embarrassment!
This family is one of my favorites in the Nebraska community we just left. I hope to visit often and keep in touch. They are so sweet and I just love watching the little ones grow! Love you O family!! 


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