Monday, February 4, 2013

52 Week Challenge (Weeks 4 & 5) {Nebraska Portrait Photographer}

I really have no excuse for not posting these on time. I had an idea for week three, and well that didn't happen.

So, here are weeks four and five. This month I am going to be better. Seriously. I need to shoot more to stay out of my Winter funk.

Week Four~ "On a Chair"

Ok, this one isn't literally on a chair. It's on the couch. My monster has decided that he doesn't need a nap anymore. We are in transition. This gets hard for momma, as I like to have my own "down time" during the day. We "rest" everyday together, whether watching a movie, or reading a book. Sometimes he dozes a bit and that just lets me know he needs his rest. This day he fell asleep with his Daddy. He is so peaceful while sleeping :-)

Week Five~ "Seeing Red"

This time I did a feeling instead of the actual color. I just love monster's "angry" face! He doesn't get mad often (I am lucky in that aspect) but when he does- watch out! I love practicing emotions with him. He sure does have a lot of empathy for being a three and a half year old. He has such a big heart.

Next week is "children's portraits", maybe I will actually get around to taking monster's three year photos! ;-)

Leave some love! Also, please visit Sweet Emotions Photography and see all of the photographer's participating in the 52 week challenge!


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