Saturday, May 26, 2012

Monthly Color Blog Challenge } Nebraska Photographer

I am a bit late on my color blog this month, I apologize!! It is a holiday weekend, after all!

This month our colors were yellow and/or blue. I went home this month to Michigan, as some of you may know. My first photos is of a daffodil, which I always love to see when I go back to my parent's house.

The second is my son on the beach of Lake Superior. I love this lake and this beach. When I lived there in high school, it was my go-to place to unwind and write in my journal. As I type this, a raging wildfire is consuming much of my home county. So far it has burned over 21,000 acres and isn't completely contained. It hasn't threatened my parent's home yet, but it has taken quite a few cabins and a beloved business. It's heartbreaking to see and it will look completely different when we go home again.

Please continue to the next photographer, Lynn Puzzo and see what we all came up with for this month! 

Next month~ rainbow pastel...interesting!!