Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~W & S~ Engaged!!

I am so happy that nice weather is finally here! I enjoy photo sessions all year round. I mean, not everyone can take photos on a sleigh ride in the Winter! However, it's nice to be able to take photographs in Capri's and a light shirt, instead of snow pants!

W & S are very active outdoors, so Poudre Canyon was a perfect backdrop for their Engagement session. We had beautiful weather and the river was roaring! They brought their fury child, Remmy, and we had tons of fun! I always get a laugh when I lay down to get a shot, hey, I'm willing to do pretty much anything!
Unfortunately, Remmy is not very photogenic. She was very well behaved, but wanted to GO! They treated her to a hike after the session which I am sure they all enjoyed.

Looking forward to capturing their small intimate wedding in September!


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